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About Me

I'm a freelance writer. My favorite space to explore is the intersection of place and identity, and you can check out examples of that here and here

I'm also the Senior Content Contributor for Poros Consulting and Coaching and I've written sponsored articles for weight-loss pills and skin care products, content for the women's website JustineKnows, and ghostwritten blog posts for a Pinterest influencer.

As a New York University graduate, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Global Liberal Studies concentrating in Identities and Representations and a double minor in French and Creative Writing. I wrote a senior thesis in this program titled Shaping National Identity: Myth Manipulation in the Aeneid and Post-9/11 Superhero Films, which won the award for best thesis in the Identities and Representations concentration. 

During the day, I work at a Manhattan-based tech start-up, and during the night I snuggle with my cat in Brooklyn.